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Products and Services

TÜMOSAN offers effective after-sales service to its customers through the production, marketing and sales of diesel engines and tractors, agricultural equipment, diesel and electric forklifts. The produced diesel engines are used by customers in Turkey and abroad in the production of tractor, automotive, cleaning equipment, generator and marine equipment.


TÜMOSAN markets its products through its vendors established in Turkey and abroad, and the marketing organization center is located in Istanbul.


TÜMOSAN has a diesel engine and tractor factory in Konya. The production operates within a closed area of 93,000 m2 which is based on an area of 1.600.000 m2.

Production Capacity

TÜMOSAN has a production capacity of 75,000 diesel engines and 45,000 tractors in three shifts.


TÜMOSAN attaches great importance to research and development activities and to increasing customer satisfaction in its products, reducing production costs and using applicable new technologies. The factory conducts modernization and development work on engines and tractors produced by its engineering organization. The research and development studies are based in Istanbul.


TÜMOSAN does not refrain from investing in using the latest technological developments in its production to provide its customers with excellent products and services, and to benefit from updated and accepted information processing software in all its works. In the development of new products, prototype products are created in a virtual environment and serial production can be achieved in a short time.