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TÜMOSAN was established in 1976 to produce motor drive and transmission organs and similar equipment, but has concentrated its activities on diesel engine and tractor production. TÜMOSAN possesses the distinctive quality of being Turkey's first diesel engine manufacturer.

TÜMOSAN has been producing diesel engines for many years for TURK TRACTOR and OTOYOL besides providing diesel engines for tractors produced for their own brand. Continuous change to achieve high-quality production and excellence that will meet all expectations of the customer is the common goal of TÜMOSAN employees.

The decision of the Council of Ministers dated December 5, 1975 and numbered 75/10905 has been made in order to manufacture motor drive and transmission organs and similar equipment. TÜMOSAN, was founded in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code on June 23, 1976 with a capital of 100 Million TRY with the participation of the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), Turkey Agricultural Equipment Corporation (TZDK), Şekerbank, Turkey Maritime Bank, and the State Industrial and Labor Investment Bank. The company established is a State Economic Enterprise (SEE). 

The shares belonging to MKEK were transferred to the Heavy Industry and Automotive Establishment (ASOK), which was established on November 13, 1984 with the Decree Law No. 233, and in the direction of the decision of the High Planning Council on 18 April 1990 and in accordance with the provisions of Decree Law No. 233, again transferred to MKEK.
While the company was headquartered in Ankara, it was later stated in the Decision numbered 157 of the Higher Coordination Board of Economic Affairs dated 12 September 1984 that the company's headquarters would be in Konya and the Company's headquarters was actually transferred to Konya on September 19, 1985.

Five projects have been taken up with the establishment and licensing, engineering, supply, marketing and training agreements have been made with the following companies:

  • Tractor Project: FIAT TRATTORI-ITALY
  • Diesel Engines Project: FIAT TRATTORI - ITALY
  • Light Duty Diesel Engine Project: MITSUBISHI-JAPAN
  • Truck and Heavy Truck Engines Project: DAIMLER BENZ GERMANY, VOLVO-SWEDEN
  • Powertrain Project: ZAHRADFABRIK (ZDF) - GERMANY

 Projects of trucks and heavy truck diesel engines handled by TÜMOSAN were transferred to Aksaray Motor Industry and Trade Inc. (AKMOSAN), which was established on 5 April 1979 and 82.8% of whose capital is owned by TÜMOSAN. - However, AKMOSAN became affiliated with ASOK with the decree of 233 numbered Law on "State Owned Enterprises" dated 18 June 1984 and numbered 18435, published in the Official Gazette.

For the project of the Heavy Duty Diesel Engines, the Swedish Firm VOLVO was paid 2.4 Million Swedish Krones for the license contract of 4 Million Swedish Krones. Since this project was later transferred to BMC, receivables were collected.

A license agreement was signed with the Japanese MITSUBISHI company for the two types of minibuses, midibuses and pickup diesel engines built in Aksaray. 95,950,000 Yen was paid for the agreement price of 300 million Yen, and no other payments were made since the state funding of the project was suspended. The factory facilities of 25.000 m2 closed area were left unfinished in construction.

The license contract for the Transmission Orders Project was signed with the German ZF Company and paid to the total contract amount of 5,525,000 German Marks. The factory facilities of 20.000 m2 closed area in Konya were left unfinished in construction.

In accordance with the license agreement TÜMOSAN signed with the Italian FIAT Company on April 7, 1977 for tractor and diesel engines projects, TÜMOSAN licensed 3, 4 and 6 cylinder diesel engines in the range of 49-142 HP and 8 types of tractors in 2014. Although the engine project was introduced into the investment program in 1978 and nearly all of the engine was intended to be produced domestically, the engine assembly and testing workshop was completed in 1981 and the engine block and cylinder head main bearing cap manufacturing lines were completed in 1987. The investments of the production lines of other main elements of the engine such as crankshaft, connecting rod and camshaft could not be realized.

In the scope of tractor production, the tractor assembly workshop was established in December 1983 and the tractor mechanical workshop consisting of gearbox, front axle, back cover, axle box and transmission box manufacturing line was operational in April 1986. Tractor production was suspended between the years of 1987 and 1992, it has been running again since 1993.

The License Agreement with FIAT Company ended in August 1988 TÜMOSAN and continued to manufacture diesel engines and tractors with its own brand in line with the experience gained during the agreement.

On August 18, 1998, the company was incorporated into the privatization scope and program, the company shares belonging to MKEK were transferred to the Privatization Administration, and the privatization process was to be completed within one year.

Four companies participated in the auction held on April 24, 2000. Anadolu Joint Venture Group ranked first and Konya Selçuklu Joint Venture Group ranked second in the auction. The sales agreements directed at the entrepreneurs determined to be the buyers in the auction were not signed within the determined time frames, and therefore the guarantees were propounded and the auction could not be concluded positively.

TÜMOSAN, which restricted its activities after the auction, was connected to Sumer Holding on February 7, 2003.

In order to be privatized, the second auction was announced in 2004 and TÜMOSAN was bought by ALÇELİK Steel Construction Industry and Trade Co. Inc. and the delivery of the transfer was completed on July 1, 2004.

After TÜMOSAN Engine and Tractor Inc. joined Albayrak Group through privatization in 2004, they continued their efforts of domestic production with the support of the Albayrak Group. 
The headquarters of the company is located in Istanbul, and they produce engines and tractors in the factory built on an area of 1,600,000 square meters, including 93,000 square meters of enclosed area. This facility is Turkey's biggest production facility with its engine production capacity of 75,000 per year, and tractor production capacity of 45,000 per year. At present, the company produces tractors with 268 models in 10 series and 25 main models. Aside from agricultural machine engines, they also produce yacht-marine, generator and forklift engines. 
Having started to work on public offering, the company successfully completed its work in 2012 and started to trade in Istanbul Stock Exchange. 

TÜMOSAN Engine and Tractor Industry Inc. came out with their above 100 HP engine model 8105 tractor with 105 HP in 2013. Not losing momentum, they released their first-ever domestically produced tractor in Turkey, the 115 HP tractor.

In 2014, TÜMOSAN Engine and Tractor Industry Inc. won the Altai Main Battleship Power Group contract and had the pride of becoming the engine and transmission system manufacturer of the existing Altay tank. However, due to the embargo practiced by the companies from which we were supposed to acquire technical support and critical military material, and the fact that the undersecretariat for defense industries did not accept any changes requested by TÜMOSAN due to force majeure, this contract was mutually terminated in February 24, 2017. Due to the experience gained from the Altai Tank Power Group Project, TÜMOSAN is the strongest candidate, if the project is re-awarded considering the new circumstances.

As of 2015, the company has expanded its field of activity and started to produce and sell TÜMOSAN branded Agricultural Equipment. TÜMOSAN continues to work by expanding its product range in 2016. As of today, 19 agricultural equipment with more than 280 models in 4 product groups have brought innovations to the sector. TÜMOSAN also started production and sales of TÜMOSAN branded Diesel Forklift and Electric Forklift in 2016, in which they integrated their own engine. TÜMOSAN has continued to innovate in the sector with their products with different transportation and mast heights according to the requests of the customers.
As of 2017, TÜMOSAN Engine and Tractor Industry Inc. is always within arm's reach of their customers with 94 vendors, 379 services and 52 spare parts vendors. At the same time, the company has the mission of reaching customers from all around the world by increasing the number of its 15 distributors abroad.