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41 Years of Peace, Trust & Success

TÜMOSAN, one of Turkey's leading manufacturers with its 41-year long history of tractor and diesel engine production, came together with its Cyprus distributors to evaluate 2017 and share their plans for 2018.

The meeting held with the participation of close to 100 TÜMOSAN dealers across Turkey started with the opening speech of the Deputy Director General of TÜMOSAN Serhun OLGUN. The meeting continued with a speech by Yeni Safak Newspaper Economics Director İbrahim Acar. Acar relayed information to the TÜMOSAN vendors regarding the changing world economy and Turkey's agriculture industry.

TÜMOSAN sales increased by %22 compared to the previous year

The meeting continued with a presentation by Serhun Olgun, where developments in the agriculture and tractor industry both in Turkey and in the world were discussed. Olgun emphasized that TÜMOSAN was established with 100% domestic capital and is the only tractor brand in Turkey to build its own engines. He continued by saying, "In the last five years, Turkey's tractor market has grown consistently and become the world's fourth-biggest tractor market. This growth persisted this year as well." TÜMOSAN had the highest growth rate and increased its production by 16% and its sales by 22% compared to last year.

Olgun informed the vendors about the work done in 2017 and talked about their marketing, sales and post-sales plans in 2018. Olgun said the developments in 2017 had a positive impact on TÜMOSAN, that they have increased their goals of production and that starting in 2018 the development and production of many products will be carried out in the factory located in Konya and will be supported by domestic producers.

At the meeting where plans for 2018 were shared, the questions of the vendors were answered, expectations were voiced and ideas were exchanged. In addition, on the first day of the meeting, Assist. Prof. Zeki Yüksekbilgili made a presentation about marketing and local campaign management.

The second day, shown great interest by the vendors, started with a vendor’s portal training conducted by Management Information Systems officials. The meeting continued with a gala dinner, where a ceremony was held to both present vendors who have served for more than 10 years with a plaque and to award the vendors who ranked in the top three across four categories.