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Giant Step in TÜMOSAN's Diesel Engine Development Work

For the first time in Turkey's history, TÜMOSAN Motor and Tractor Inc. invested in single-cylinder research engines, thus eradicating an important barrier in the development of diesel engines with national capital.

In order to shorten the design period in the diesel engine design studies, reduce testing costs, and to increase the efficiency of the industry-university cooperation activities, TÜMOSAN has planned to purchase a single cylinder research engine within the scope of the "Development of New Generation Euro 6 Heavy Duty Service Engine: Split Spray Strategy, Low Temperature Combustion" project supported by TEYDEP and SANTEZ with the executive partnership of Istanbul Technical University and Yildiz Technical University in 2014. Within the scope of this support, TÜMOSAN also helped build a test center at Yıldız Technical University where a 330 kW dynamometer was available.

For the Single Cylinder Engine, a grant of 20% was received within the scope of TEYDEB, and for the test system a grant of 75% was received within the scope of SANTEZ. The single-cylinder research engine belongs to TÜMOSAN, whereas the test center is the property of YTÜ.

With the single cylinder research engine, which is the first of its kind in Turkey, diesel engine development work can be done up to 1200 kW, whereas the test system will enable testing and calibration developments on a system with the ability to be accredited up to 330 kW of power.

The installation process of the test system and the single-cylinder research engine is still going on, and they will start being used within the first half of 2017.

TÜMOSAN will have the right to use the single-cylinder research engine on the YTU Test System until 2023 under the protocol signed with Yildiz Technical University.

TÜMOSAN will have the ability to carry out the following R&D activities in Turkey continuously through the single-cylinder research engine and test center:

Carrying out combustion development tests and calibration studies on the 3-4-6 cylinders 45-215 Horse Power Diesel engines they're producing.

Calibration studies for the new generation diesel engine family, whose prototype studies have been completed, which has 12 different models of diesel engines with power levels between 114-310 kW and 4 and 6 cylinders.

Developing basic cylinder equipment for the new generation motor family 350-750 kW product group and carrying out combustion development tests.

Execution of cylinder, cylinder head and combustion tests for engines up to 1600 Horse Power for main battle tank power group and similar purposes.

TÜMOSAN intends to use the engines that it will develop on the basis of these studies in many different military and commercial civil vehicles.

Based on the protocol signed between YTÜ and TÜMOSAN, TÜMOSAN will use the test system on the Yıldız Campus for the aforementioned projects until at last 2023, and will have the opportunity to benefit from the participation and success of undergraduate / graduate / PhD students as a human resource and to evaluate them for potential of qualified employment.