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Huge Raffle from TÜMOSAN in Konya

TÜMOSAN is giving away the 6155 model, which will also be launched this year at the 15th Konya International Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies Fair. We are waiting for you to visit our stand at the fair for the campaign. Related campaign rules are stated below.

This campaign is organized by the General Directorate of the National Lottery on behalf of TÜMOSAN ENGINE AND TRACTOR INDUSTRY on 17.03.2017 with the permission numbered 58259698-255.01.02 / 622-1834. Drawing rights will be given to the persons who approve the tractor order promissory contract in 30.000,00 TRY and multiples and prepare the invoice (1 drawing right for every 30.000,00 TRY in total of invoice prepared by order promissory contract) between 10:00 pm on 21.03.2017 and 18:00 on 25.03.2017, at the stand of TÜMOSAN MOTOR AND TRACTOR INDUSTRY Inc. at the 15th Agriculture Fair in Tuyap Konya according to the information on their invoice (invoice number, invoice date, name-surname / commercial title, address). Winners will be determined by a drawing to be held in public on the date of 17.05.2017 at Tümosan Meeting Hall, Buyukkayacik Neighbourhood Aksaray Cevre Yolu Street No.7 / 1 Selcuklu / Konya at 11:00 am in the presence of the notary public. As a result of the lottery, 1 person will win the 2017 Model 6155 Field 4WD rollbar 380/85R30 Tractor, worth 74,313.48 TRY. Winners will be announced in the Yeni Şafak newspaper on 22.05.2017. Those who canceled or refunded their purchase before 17.05.2017, when the lottery was held, will also lose their drawing rights. Foreign nationals who reside in Turkey are required to present their residence permit at the delivery of the prize. In case the participant earns a prize, if the address information is missing or unknown, the announcement made in the newspaper will be sufficient for notification. It is obligatory to submit the order promissory contract and invoice at the delivery of the prize. TÜMOSAN ENGINE AND TRACTOR INDUSTRY INC., Tümosan Authorized Vendors and Tümosan Authorized Services employees and the ones under 18 years old will not be able to participate in the draws. No prizes will be given even if they have joined and won. Taxes and other legal obligations other than taxes such as VAT + SCT, which are included in the cost of goods and / or services subject to the charge, shall be paid by the winners.