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The Key to 41 Years of Success: TÜMOSAN's Authorized Services

TÜMOSAN, one of Turkey's leading manufacturers with its 41-year long history of tractor and diesel engine production, held its 41st-year service meeting.

The meeting held with the participation of 405 after sales services across Turkey started with the opening speech of TÜMOSAN's Director of After Sales Services Mevlüt Nalçakan and continued with a presentation by Deputy Director General of TÜMOSAN Olgun Serhan. Olgun said that TÜMOSAN was always by the farmers' side with their services all across Turkey, and added that manufacturing tractors was not enough in itself, that sales and after-sales services were very important in terms of reaching the farmers. Olgun also said that the dedicated work by after sales services was behind TÜMOSAN's 41 years of success, and that they owed the customers' happiness to the services.

During the meeting, where developments in the agriculture and tractor industries both in Turkey and in the world were discussed, the Management Information Systems officials informed the participants about the service portal and answered the authorized services' questions. On the other hand, information was shared about TÜMOSAN's product range and new projects. In addition to the service structure, marketing activities were also explained to the participants.

Also at the meeting, the year 2017 was evaluated with the participation of TUMOSAN management and services, projections for the year 2018 were discussed, questions were answered, and expectations and ideas were exchanged.

A workshop on effective communication and body language was held by Assist. Prof. Zeki Yüksekbilgili in order to maximize customer happiness. The meeting ended with a gala dinner where an award ceremony was held. In the ceremony, plaques were presented to the services that provided services for over 20 years and awards were given to the top four services in the categories of Corporate Structure Compliance, Customer Satisfaction, and Directive and Procedural Compliance.