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TÜMOSAN at Namık Kemal University Career Days

Tümosan Deputy Director General Serhun OLGUN met with students at the talk organized by Namık Kemal University Biosystems Society and talked about the current situation of the sector, the future and the business world waiting for the students when they graduate, and contributed to the knowledge accumulation of our students.

In the interview, the students found answers to the questions on the subjects they were curious about and learned about improving themselves.

At the end of the interview, Namık Kemal University Biosystem Engineering Society presented their gifts to Serhun OLGUN, Deputy Director General of TÜMOSAN. OLGUN thanked Chairman of Biosystem Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Bahattin AKDEMİR, Prof. Dr. Tolga ERDEM, Assoc. Dr. İlker Hüseyin ÇELEN and Biosystem Group President Buse SALBAŞ, and ended the interview by expressing their wish to reunite at another career day.