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TÜMOSAN Engine and Tractor Industry Inc., brought their tractors and agricultural equipment together with the producers at the 12th İzmir Agroexpo Eurasia International Agriculture and Livestock Fair. The producers had the opportunity to examine the new products that TÜMOSAN had put into the market in the second half of 2016. TÜMOSAN presented the 4000 series and 4200 garden series models which were put into the market as a renewed version with the slogan 'High Hardware - Affordable Price' in its segment. At the same time, with the slogan 'Renewal Face of the Fields' slogan, the 3-cylinder 7100 series and the 4-cylinder 8100 series models were brought together with the producers. TÜMOSAN also brought the farmers together with their 5200S short garden and 5200N narrow vineyard & garden series that they'd put into the market in the final quarter of 2016. TÜMOSAN got full marks from the producers of Aegean regions.

TÜMOSAN Deputy Director General Serhun OLGUN said,

"As the TÜMOSAN family, we continue to work this year as we did in previous years. The request and suggestions of our farmers are very important to us. We continue our work with their opinions in mind. With the new products we put out to the market, we continue to offer our farmers products of high quality and technological equipment.

OLGUN said that they are very happy to bring their 4000 series and 4200 garden series tractors, which have superior equipment in the segment that small business owners can afford at affordable prices, together with the farmers and said, "We offer the opportunity to have these models at very affordable prices with the power of being a local company. We also provide a comfortable working environment that allows rapid work with 5200S short gardens and 5200N narrow vineyard & garden series models, high maneuverability between vineyard and garden and series work. At the same time, with the renewed versions, our 7100 and 8100 Series tractors also offer an ergonomic structure and a comfortable ride as well as the superior technical equipment to the farmers." -

OLGUN indicated that they continued the work they'd started in 2015 with agricultural equipment and stacking machines in order to widen their field of activity, and added, '' We brought region and production season-appropriate equipment to the fair for our farmers to examine. We are pleased to introduce our products to our farmers with the assurance of TÜMOSAN with 19 agricultural equipment and more than 280 models in 4 main product groups besides Vertical and Horizontal Feed Mixer, Front Loader, Hydraulically Sensitive and Hydraulic Shifting Rotovator and Stalk Breaking Machine. As TÜMOSAN, we will continue to be by our farmers’ side with 100 vendors, 400 services, and 55 spare part vendors across Turkey."