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TÜMOSAN Introduced Their New Generation Diesel Engine Family

As a Turkish brand with 100% domestic capital, TÜMOSAN presents the power of the Turkish engineer and Turkish industry with a new diesel engine to give the Turkish people the first domestic diesel engine. Within the framework of the "NEW GENERATION DIESEL ENGINE DEVELOPMENT" project initiated with the support of TUBITAK in 2012, the ignition of the first two members of the family that will be from 155 Horse Power to 1000 Horse Power, engines with 4 cylinders 4.5 liters and 6 cylinders 6.8 liters is fired at TÜMOSAN's Factory in Konya. TÜMOSAN carried out preparations for mass production while Testing, Validation and Calibration process was in progress for these engines, and the design process for sequential 5.2 and 7.8-liter engine models is carried out by Turkish engineers.

TÜMOSAN, with more than 40 years of experience in engine production, continues to produce diesel engines with 45-185 HP. In 2012, TÜBİTAK has started the "NEW GENERATION DIESEL ENGINE DEVELOPMENT" project, taking into consideration the needs of the company and our country and the developments in diesel engine technologies.

This project aims to create a modern engine family equipped with the high-pressure spray-burning technology (Common Rail), which is the latest technology used in diesel engines worldwide, a high-pressure-rate turbocharging unit, and a nationally developed electronic control unit, with a wide horsepower range of 155-1000. The project was successfully completed and the production and first ignition of the prototype of the sequential 4-cylinder 4.5-liter and 6-cylinder 6.8-liter new design engine was carried out in 2016.

While the performance and calibration work on the first two members of the engine family of 4 and 6 cylinders continue, the design and analysis work on versions with 5.2 liter 4 cylinders and 7.8 liter 6 cylinders are carried out by Turkish engineers. The project will continue to work on diesel engines with sequential 6 cylinders 9 liters, and V type 8 and 10 cylinders, and products with 450-1000 HP to meet commercial and military needs. With the new diesel engine family, Turkey will reach a competitive level among other countries in the world that have diesel engine technology.

In TÜMOSAN's Topkapı R&D Complex, which has accomplished many firsts in our country with its young staff consisting of doctorate and master degree engineers, development of new engines, and other projects have been carried out, and they have thus undertaken a mission to reduce the external dependence of our country when it comes to engines.

TÜMOSAN continues to increase its growth in response to the foreign producers that have come to our country for years with the tractor and engine production in the Konya factory, and R&D studies carried out by our country's workers and engineers. In this sense, TÜMOSAN aims to reduce the foreign dependence in marine, generator and automotive industries, as well as to become independent from foreign countries when it comes to technology and instead, become exporters of said technology.