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TÜMOSAN Is Always There for the Farmers

During the first half of the year, TÜMOSAN came together with thousands of farmers from all around Turkey to give them the opportunity to test new products, to get tips on the developing products by listening to them, and to explain themselves.

TÜMOSAN, which has carried out many national projects with 100 percent Turkish capital and engineers for more than 40 years, continues to meet with farmers this year as it has every year. TÜMOSAN's values include customer-oriented work and an understanding of customers' expectations in order to meet their needs in the best possible way. For this reason, TÜMOSAN regularly meets with farmers, listens to them and shares information. Throughout the year, TÜMOSAN meets with the farmers regularly and organizes dozens of events in three main categories.

TÜMOSAN Deputy Director General Serhun Olgun mentioned that their vision was to manufacture high-quality products with the right equipment in line with the farmers' desires and ideas. He also said, "It is our priority to understand our customers' expectations and develop solutions accordingly. Therefore, every year we both visit our farmers in the field and host them in our factory. Most importantly, we make a point of listening to our farmers along with our engineers in any given environment. At the core of our success is listening to our customers and offering them high-quality products and services that meet their expectations. "

During the events they have organized, Olgun recounted that they have developed innovative products by drawing inspiration from the farmers, and emphasized that TÜMOSAN has expanded its product range and added new models. Olgun also said, "As TÜMOSAN, we entered the equipment market last year with bailing machines and loaders, and now we have 19 models and up to 320 main models in four product groups including tillage machines, harvesting machines, livestock machines and sowing-maintenance-fertilizer machines. In addition, we are quickly preparing garden tractor models for every garden product for mass production. We have made design and technological changes to the 6100, 7100 and 8100 tractor series, which are now out for the consideration of the farmers."

The Farmers Test the New Products On Field Days

This year, TÜMOSAN met with nearly 6 thousand farmers during the Field Days organized in Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, Kilis, Bursa, Balıkesir, Tekirdağ, and Edirne. With this event which TÜMOSAN organizes every year, farmers from all around Turkey are informed about new models and are given the opportunity to test the tractors. Thus feedback from farmers leads the way for the new models to be developed by the R&D team. Moreover, the farmers have a good time with the gift competitions organized within the scope of the events.

Farmers See Tractor and Engine Production in Place

Every year TÜMOSAN organizes nearly 100 trips for farmers from across Turkey to visit the factory in Konya, so that they can see TÜMOSAN's production technologies in place. This year, TÜMOSAN hosted 45 groups of farmers, meaning 2250 farmers, at separate times. They also welcomed nearly 600 students to their factory through their collaboration with high schools and universities. Within the scope of this activity, TÜMOSAN conveys very detailed information about the institution to the farmers. Thus, farmers get a chance to get to know TÜMOSAN more closely. The farmers are greeted by TÜMOSAN executives as they arrive at the factory.

Then, TÜMOSAN makes a presentation on the developments from the past until today and shares technical information about the products. The most exciting part begins after the presentation. Because all the farmers tour the engine and tractor assembly factories to see the production process in place. After the factory visits, the farmers get to tour Konya and later get together with the TÜMOSAN executives for dinner to continue exchanging information.

Customer Visits Are More Efficient on the Field

TÜMOSAN officials visit farmers from across Turkey on the fields and thus get a chance to listen to them on the fields, at work. During these visits, the customers' questions and suggestions are regarded as important. Marketing, sales, after-sales department principals and regional vendors attend these visits and receive very important feedback from the customers


In 2017, the 6155 tractor model at 55 horsepower was delivered to the lucky winner of the TÜMOSAN tractor lottery, Ömer Yalçınoğlu from Yunak Karayayla village in Konya.

Ömer Yalçınoğlu, the winner of the 6155 tractor with its 55-horsepower engine from TÜMOSAN, one of Turkey's leading manufacturers with its long-standing past of tractor and diesel engine production, received his tractor from Turkey Assistant Sales Manager Mevlüt NALÇAKAN in a ceremony held at the TÜMOSAN Konya Yunak Vendor Ozudogru Automotive.

TUMOSAN marketing, sales and after sales managers were present at the ceremony, where Marketing Manager Tuncay ABAY gave a speech and said, "Mr. Yalçınoğlu won the tractor in the lottery we organized by the National Lottery Administration before the notary public. We presented him with his tractor today. We hope that the tractor will bring good things to our winner. We thank our customers for choosing TÜMOSAN and for showing great interest in our lottery."

Ömer YALÇINOĞLU, who participated in the lottery from Konya Yunak and won the 6155 tractor said, "I participated in the special tractor lottery organized by TÜMOSAN by buying a tractor. For many years I've been using TÜMOSAN tractors. I was very pleased when our vendor let me know about the result after the lottery. I would like to thank TÜMOSAN for organizing this lottery, which let me rejoin the TÜMOSAN family with this tractor."