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TÜMOSAN Engine and Tractor Industries Inc. has continued to meet with farmers throughout 2016. TÜMOSAN participated in a total of 67 fairs including local and national fairs, and displayed their products, which were developed in accordance with the wishes and recommendations of the farmers. TÜMOSAN also participated in fairs outside Turkey, such as in Serbia and Bulgaria with a promotion truck and team in order to support the vendors. TÜMOSAN, who organized different events apart from the fairs, continued their work to meet and listen to the producers.

TÜMOSAN, hosted 2150 farmers and 600 students from different regions of Turkey and from abroad in their factory in Konya.

TÜMOSAN Marketing Manager Tuncay Abay and Plant Manager Osman Babaoğlu hosted the event, where participants had the opportunity to examine the engine and tractor production on site. TÜMOSAN provided accommodation to guests, and later met with the participants for dinner and conversed about agriculture in Turkey. The marketing team made a presentation about the past and the future of TÜMOSAN. Later, the participants took a tour of the engine and tractor assembly workshops and saw the production process that had a high domestic production rate. Apart from this, the guests who dined together with TÜMOSAN employees filled out questionnaires within the scope of the work carried out for the advancement of Turkish agriculture. To bring some color to the trip, the TÜMOSAN family presented their gifts to the visitors who visited Mevlana museum together with a small city tour, and they made sure their guests returned to their regions happy.

TÜMOSAN treated high school and university students, who give the Turkish people hope about the future, with the same sensitivity as the farmers. Aside from their education, the students also got a chance to tour and learn about the production process at TÜMOSAN's factory, one of Turkey's biggest production plants. 

TÜMOSAN wishes to stand with their farmers by staying in touch with them throughout the year. In line with this goal, a total of 8250 farmers were reached in different regions in 2016 with 33 field days. At each Field Day, with the participation of hundreds of farmers, TÜMOSAN provided the opportunity to test their TÜMOSAN-branded tractors and agricultural equipment.

In the scope of Field Days, the farmers were able to pass the time together nicely by eating together. After the farmers received the necessary information about TÜMOSAN tractors, they participated in various competitions and won presents by showcasing their various skills. After various gift draws, the farmers were provided with information about the TÜMOSAN tractors and got to try them out.

Aside from the Field Days, in 2016, the TÜMOSAN teams also made visits to villages all around Turkey to let the farmers learn about and test the tractors.

TÜMOSAN organized many Mass Maintenance Days in 2016. TÜMOSAN's expert technical team performed the tractor maintenance after listening to the suggestions and requests of the producers in the event of the Mass Maintenance Days program, which was held first in the provinces of Koçarlı and Söke in Aydın and later in other regions in 2016. Free maintenance of tractors were provided for all of the farmers. Besides tractor maintenance, the region's TÜMOSAN spare part vendors participated in the events and spare parts sales were made at a discounted price.