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World Class 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles from TÜMOSAN

The first prototype of the 100 percent domestic tactical wheeled armored vehicle developed by TÜMOSAN engineers was produced. With its modular structure, wide range of weapon systems, modern design and high mobility, and low operation costs, TÜMOSAN PUSAT will draw attention in the national and international defense industry.

Focusing on engine, transmission and power transmission groups and electronic systems for R&D work, TÜMOSAN has been carrying out national projects with 100% Turkish capital and engineers for over forty years. Within this mission, TÜMOSAN recently realized the National Integrated Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Project (MENTAP).

TÜMOSAN General Manager Kurtuluş Öğün stated that the Turkish Defense Industry is aiming to bring the domestic production rate up to the same levels as developed countries. He said, "Mentap has a project model which is about bringing the domestic production rate of Turkey, currently at 50%, up to the level of developed countries, around 95%. With this project, we will meet the domestic demand and at the same time create new export opportunities by removing the restrictions imposed by foreign countries on defense products. The first product of our project, developed by our engineers, is the 'Lightweight Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle'. With its original design and high domestic production rate, it will be an important indicator of Turkey's power in the defense, and it will become a prominent vehicle in the international defense industry.

Modern and Modular

As for the technical characteristics of the first product of MENTAP in the lightweight class, Öğün said, "With our aim of high domestic production in mind, the TÜMOSAN R&D team examined modern military projects from around the world and designed our 4x4 lightweight tactical wheeled armored vehicle, which will provide our country with a competitive advantage. We aim to be a successful representative of the Turkish Defense Industry in Turkey and abroad with our vehicle's modern design, and its modular and adaptable infrastructure for different purposes of use. "

We are Open to Cooperation with Domestic and Foreign Manufacturers

"With this vehicle, we have also gained the ability to design and manufacture subsystems for the needs of the defense industry," Öğün said, relaying that they also worked on developing the power transmission and independent suspension system that modern tactical wheeled armored vehicles needed. He added that they are always open to the possibilities of business associations with domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers for the common use of their developed subsystems.

It Will Meet the Needs of Turkish Armed Forces and Police Forces

Öğün stated that having developed TÜMOSAN PUSAT, their first lightweight vehicle in the military vehicle family, they will continue their work with medium and heavy class with a near 100% domestic production rate. He also emphasized that they would primarily focus on manufacturing tactical wheeled vehicles, forming a vehicle family, needed by Turkish Armed Forces and Police Forces.

The distinguishing features of the first lightweight vehicle of MENTAP:

A high domestic production rate: Near 100% domestic production rate with engine, transmission, power transmission and suspension and electronic systems designed and manufactured by TÜMOSAN...

30 percent fuel savings: TÜMOSAN's new generation 4-cylinder TÜMOSAN engine developed by TÜMOSAN with high efficiency, automatic TÜMOSAN transmission and power transmission system provides 30% fuel saving.

Modular design:  Thanks to the integration of different weapons and ballistic protection systems and electronic equipment, the design of the vehicle can be tailored to the desired task profile.

Balanced armor protection, movement and handling capability:  With independent suspension system developed by TÜMOSAN it has high maneuverability in the field conditions. With the high-performance diesel engine, it has longer range capability and armor protection required by the threat environment.

TÜMOSAN PUSAT will be exhibited at IDEF for the first time

TÜMOSAN PUSAT will be exhibited in Hall 8 at IDEF'17 International Defense Industry Fair, held at TUYAP between 9 - 12 May 2017.