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Inter Row Cultivators

    Hoeing Machines

    Inter-row Hoeing Machines

    TÜMOSAN Inter-row hoeing machine with miller cutter is an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY machine that weeds between the rows of the plants that are sown on the rows such as maize, beet, sunflower, cotton, potato, tomato, pepper etc. without damaging the plants and thus ensuring the plants to get the adequate nutrients and water from the soil. The row space can be adjusted by sliding the units on the chassis. The working depth is adjusted by the 2 displaceable wheels located on the chassis. The working width of the units may vary depending on the products and plant space. Thanks to the optional fertilizer container and the furrow opener tool, the fertilizer that is scattered during hoeing ensures mixing with the soil homogenously. The mixture that is piled up around the root of the plant allows the plant benefit maximumly from the fertilizer.

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    Inter-row Hoeing Machines with Spring

    TÜMOSAN Inter-row Hoeing Machines with Spring is mounted to the tractor by the three-point hitch system. The machine, which is ideal for weeding between the rows of the plants that are sown on the rows such as beet, maize, cotton, sunflower, tobacco, vegetables etc., does not allow pans on the land and also ensures a complete weeding by preserving the moisture in the soil. Thanks to units operating independently from each other, it keeps the hoeing depth fixed even in the rugged terrain conditions. It provides labor savings of about 70-80% from labor and the product grows early thus yields more products. It allows savings in irrigation. It allows multi-functional adjusting for each kind of plant. In standard, it is produced with or without a roller. Optionally, the earthing up tool can be mounted on the rear of the machine without a roller depending on the use purpose. And also, a fertilizer container can be mounted on the tool in accordance with the desire of the customer. 7 Rows Inter-Row Hoeing Machines are manufactured with mechanical or hydraulic folding optionally.

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