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Pneumatic Seed Drills

    Seed Drills

    Pneumatic Seed Drill

    The seeds of maize, cotton, sunflower, beet, sugar, chickpea, bean, tomato, etc. can be sown easily in desired intervals on the row and between the rows with a very low percentage of omitting or double seeding by using TÜMOSAN Pneumatic Seed Drill. Designed to be suitable for multi-purpose tasks, it can be adjusted to any kind of lands and various seed disks can be chosen in accordance with sensitive cultivation and the product to be sown. Using the table within the gearbox cover, the gear can be easily chosen in accordance with the seed types to be planted and the interval on the row can be adjusted to be between 2.9 - 41.7 cm using the gears. With its high capacity seed and fertilizer containers, it allows sowing and fertilizing at the same time, thus, it provides saving both in time and the fuel. Seed pressure wheels are offered optionally especially for the products such as cotton and beet when needed.

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