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Rotary Mowers


    Rotary Disk Mover

    TÜMOSAN Rotary Disk Mover is the ideal machine type especially for the forage plants growing horizontally such as vetch, white clover, lotus corniculatus, and for moving all kinds of meadow, pasture, and forage plants, and weeds using the effect of the air current formed during the rotation of the disks. It is powered by the tractor power-take-off shaft and it is easily attached to the three-point hitch. It is quickly rotated by its four-belt pulley. The machine has 4, 5, and 6 disk models. It has a safety mechanism against the damage which may occur in case of striking a hard and big object (tree, stone, etc). When the machine hit an object, it moves backward to minimize damage. The Disk Mover is raised up by the hydraulic system. So the machine stays behind the tractor in the transportation position. Moving can be performed on sloppy grounds after the machine is made suitable to the slope using the hydraulic piston. The grass that is cut can be picked up in the desired width using the direction changer component that is connected to the rear of the machine. Since it spreads the grass that is cut in a high quality by just leaving a uniform stalk, the grass gets dried in a short time without losing its nutrient value. It ensures a very low and high-quality cutting on the evened ground.

    The machine's working speed may vary depending on the land conditions and the vegetation. The change in the working speed has an impact on the productivity. The values given in the table are calculated according to the determined optimal working speed. The average cutting height is 5 cm and this value may vary depending on the land conditions and the skill of the operator.

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    Rotary Drum Mower

    TÜMOSAN Rotary Drum Mower reaps all kinds of forage plants, grass, meadow grass, heath, and weeds on the roadside using 2 drums rotating reversely to each other and 3 blades with a high rotational speed at each drum and leaves them behind in the form of a swath. With the advantage of adjustable cutting height and the high quality of the cutting, the nutrient values of the plant are preserved and drying becomes possible in a short time. With its little power requirement, it operates in a high-quality manner without tiring the tractor. The belts are tightened by means of a spring and thus the safety is ensured on the pulley mechanism. It is very successful in adapting to the unevenness of the ground.

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