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Rotary Power Harrows

    Vertical Rotavators (Rotary Cultivators)

    Power Harrow

    With their strong, powerful and reliable structure, easy-to-use operation and a wide range of models that are able to meet all kinds of needs, TÜMOSAN Power Harrows are the most successful professional machine among the machines that cultivate the land and prepare the seed-bed in terms of their contribution to both the soil and the plant.

    As its durable blades, which cultivate the soil vertically to a depth of 28 cm, cultivate the land using its mixer without making the soil upside down, the moisture in the soil is preserved thus avoids hardpans. Thanks to its roller at the rear of the machine, it applies pressure on the soil and ensures the treatment of the soil. •It provides the ideal granular structure in the soil in terms of water and air permeability thus it prepares the optimum seed-bed conditions for germination and growing and ensures an increase in the plant yield and its economic value after a successful agricultural output. With various width options up to 4 meters, it facilitates getting higher productivity.

    Another equipment can be attached to the power-take-off shaft at the rear of the special transmission using its optional hydraulic attachment which allows performing multiple works together. Thus it provides time and fuel saving and also reduces the farm traffic. Thanks to the shaft with safety system used in the machine, any failure that could occur in the tractor or in the machine in case it hits to stones or roots. All machines are equipped with a heavy roller. And also, there is a tube roller model in the product range.

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