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    TÜMOSAN developed subsoiler tool in line with the developments in soil tillage methods. The tool can be used for facilitating cultivation of the soil for low costs, brightening the hard plow pan occurring in the land, preserving moisture by ensuring that the rainwater is absorbed by the soil, preventing the potential soil erosion on the surface, facilitating air, water, and plant activities in the soil in the best way. This tool's components operating in the soil are produced from the alloyed steel with high resistance against wearing and fatigue by applying heat treatment.

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    Subsoiler and Crumbler Combination

    TÜMOSAN's Subsoiler and Crumbler Combination is a new generation subsoiler with the combination of rotary crumbler. This device facilitates pan breaking and losing the soil, and base drainage and also it breaks the clod into pieces using its rotary crumbler. The tines operating on the ground may have 5 different penetration angles by means of 5 different level adjustment. The working depth of the rotary crumbler combined with the subsoiler can be adjusted by hydraulic pistons. Also, it is easy to transport it by taking it on the subsoiler using the hydraulic piston at the transport position.

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    Super Subsoiler

    TÜMOSAN has been sharing its experience in the soil tillage tools with the Turkish farmers by offering a super subsoiler which is a new and modern tool. This tool facilitates pan breaking in the land by penetrating into the layers of the soil up to the depth of 1 meter. Thus it facilitates spreading of the minerals, which are in the depth of soil, to the surface and filtering the groundwater.  

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    Vibrating Subsoiler

    TÜMOSAN Vibrating Subsoiler facilitates improving the soil structure by eliminating the impermeable layer that prevents the development of the plant's root, penetration of the water and the minerals in the soil into the depths of the plant's root and the rainwater and irrigation water into the depths of the soil, improving the product yield and the economic value of the plant by using the most effective method against the hard-pan. With a direct drive from the gearbox and less traction force requirement, TÜMOSAN Subsoiler is an ideal as it breaks hard-pans, loosens and cultivates the soil without needing hydraulic power from the tractor.

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