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Tumosan Introduced Its Wheeled Vehicle Transmission Family

TÜMOSAN displays the power of the Turkish engineer and Turkish industry by presenting the transmissions developed by the domestic facilities for the first time in the country and in this sense gifts the first transmission to the Turkish people. Within the framework of the project "8 + 1 TRANSMISSION DEVELOPMENT FOR WHEELED ROAD VEHICLE PLATFORMS" initiated with the support of TÜBİTAK, The first two members of the transmission family that can be used in vehicles with engine capacities from 120 horsepower to 700 horsepower, DURA1300, with 8-speed 1-speed reverse synchronous mechanical and synchronous automatic transmissions, have been developed with no help from international engineers and completely by Turkish engineers, and the testing, validation and calibration of transmissions processes continue at TÜMOSAN Konya Plant.

With the experience of more than 40 years in the production and development of tractor gearbox, transmission and power transmission organs, TÜMOSAN has decided to initiate the transmission family development project aimed at commercial and military road and land applications with the aim of contributing to the economy and eliminating the dependency on foreign countries and the project started with the support of TÜBİTAK has started producing results.

With this project, TÜMOSAN has finished developing all versions of the first two members of the DURA transmission family, offering the most appropriate gear ranges and ratios to the engine family and providing both high traction and efficiency, DURA 1300 with 8 forward and 1 reverse and capable of being used with up to 300 horsepower and 1250 Nm engine capacity, and produced prototypes and moved on to the function, validation and strength tests phase. The DURA 1300 is designed to operate with high performance at 60% steep slope and 30% side slope for a long time due to its active lubrication system.

In the development of automatic gearbox control, all hydro-mechanical system editing and control is carried out by Turkish engineers completely locally and originally.

In the continuation of the project, synchronous mechanical and synchronized automatic versions of 16 + 2 transmissions with a maximum capacity of 500 horsepower and capacity of 2250 Nm, 16 + 2 and a maximum horsepower of 700 horsepower of 2800 Nm will be developed to meet commercial and military requirements. With the new transmission family, Turkey will reach a competitive level among the countries in the world capable of transmission and powertrain development and production.

In TÜMOSAN's Topkapı R&D Complex, which has accomplished many firsts in our country with its young staff consisting of doctorate and master degree engineers, new transmission, transmission organs and other projects have been developed, and they have thus undertaken a mission to reduce the external dependence of our country when it comes to power transmission systems.

TÜMOSAN continues to increase its growth in response to the foreign producers that have come to our country for years with the production and R&D studies carried out by our country's workers and engineers. In this sense, TÜMOSAN aims to reduce the foreign dependence on commercial and military vehicle applications, as well as to become independent from foreign countries when it comes to technology and instead, become exporters of the said technology.