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Field Tractors

Field tractor models with technical equipment designed to meet the needs of farmers and agricultural enterprises enable you to complete agricultural work efficiently and effectively. 

You can carry out all your tillage, planting, care, harvesting, and spraying tasks with field tractor models offered with different engine power, transmission options, and technical equipment. 

You can choose your tractor model suitable for use in agricultural areas of different sizes and for different products, and have an efficient working opportunity thanks to the powerful Domestic TÜMOSAN Engine.

Field tractor models that are comfortable and equipped to work in harmony with your agricultural equipment are here to make your agricultural works easier with high performance and efficiency!

TÜMOSAN offers high-performance solutions suitable for the needs of agricultural enterprises and farmers with its wide product range in the field tractors category.

4000 Series, 6000 Series, 8000 Series, 8000 (12+12) Series, and 8100 (16+16) Series tractor models provide the power you need in your field and increase productivity.