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Tümosan at a Glance

Products and Services - Tümosan Üretim Sayfası

Products and Services - TümosanProducts and Services

TÜMOSAN provides effective after-sales service to its customers with the production, marketing and sales of diesel engines and tractors, diesel and electric forklifts. The diesel engines produced are used by customers in Turkey and abroad in the production of tractors, automotive, cleaning equipment, generators and marine vehicles.

Marketing - Tümosan Üretim Sayfası

Marketing - TümosanMarketing

TÜMOSAN increases productivity by offering quality and reliable tractor solutions to customers by conducting marketing activities with its experienced staff and new technologies. With its customer-oriented approach, it provides long-term cooperation with models suitable for needs and after-sales services. The marketing activity center is located in Istanbul.

Production - Tümosan Üretim Sayfası

Production - TümosanProduction

TÜMOSAN diesel engine and tractor factory is located in Konya. Production operates in a closed area of ​​93.000 m², established on an area of ​​1.600.000 m².

Production Capacity - Tümosan Üretim Sayfası

Production Capacity - TümosanProduction Capacity

TÜMOSAN has a production capacity of 75,000 diesel engines and 45,000 tractors in three shifts.

R&D - Tümosan Üretim Sayfası

R&D - TümosanR&D

TÜMOSAN allocates significant resources and attaches special importance to research and development activities in order to increase customer satisfaction in its products, reduce production costs, and use applicable new technologies. The factory carries out modernization and development studies for engines and tractors produced through its engineering organization. Research and development studies are carried out based in Istanbul.

Technology - Tümosan Üretim Sayfası

Technology - TümosanTechnology

TÜMOSAN does not hesitate to invest in using the latest technological developments in its production in order to provide products and services to its customers, and to benefit from up-to-date and accepted computing software in all its works. In the development of new products, prototype products can be created in a virtual environment and mass production can be started in a short time.