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Garden Tractors

These are tractor models designed to be used in vineyards and gardens and have all the equipment needed for your daily gardening work.

Garden tractors are an indispensable assistant for farmers. Thanks to the powerful Domestic TÜMOSAN Engine, all your gardening works are now much easier. It provides the power required for tillage, planting, care, harvesting, spraying, and all other gardening works. Thus, you can do difficult tasks faster and more efficiently.

Garden tractors are divided into narrow, long, and short garden tractors of different sizes and capacities. There are tractor models suitable for use in vineyards and narrow gardens, orchards, gardens with wide rows such as walnuts and olives, and hilly gardens, and you can easily choose the model that suits you.

TÜMOSAN is waiting for you to make your gardening works easier with its wide product range in the garden tractors category and 4200 Series, 52L Series, 5200S Series and 5200N Series tractor models.