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Families Together at TÜMOSAN Factory

10 November 2023

This time TÜMOSAN hosted an extraordinary event. Children flocked to the factory for a special day where they had the opportunity to witness their parents' business lives closely. This event, which overturned the traditional view of workplaces as a place that only adults could visit, allowed families to come together and experience business and entertainment together. During the factory visit, the children felt the pulse of the production line. While walking around the giant machines, they had the opportunity to observe what their parents were busy with. However, an exciting day continued not only inside but also outside the factory. TÜMOSAN offered a program full of colorful games and fun activities in the event area specially established for children. Children who showed off their hand skills in creative workshops competed with each other in entertaining competitions. This special day not only strengthened family ties, but also offered children the opportunity to explore the complex world of business life. In addition to understanding their parents' business lives a little better, the children also expressed that they were proud of them.